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Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

The Move: Magnetic Waves of Sound – The Best of the Move

The Move
Magnetic Moves of Sound: The Best of The Move
(Esoteric Recordings)

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Although they scored nine Top 20 UK singles in five years, The Move was one of those unique British bands that never really hit in the U.S. Led by main songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Roy Wood, this Birmingham-based outfit would come to include drummer Bev Bevan, and later on, Jeff Lynne (and even for a time keyboardist Richard Tandy), all of whom would lead The Electric Light Orchestra. The same ELO that was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In this sprawling 21-song collection, Magnetic Waves Of Sound: The Best Of The Move, we pretty much get the full run of the band’s singles. From the jangly 1967 hit, “Night of Fear” (‘quoting’ from the “1812 Overture,” a piece ELO would take to famously years later) to the admittedly Jimi Hendrix influenced and heavy rockin’ “Wild Tiger Woman,” with its wonderful lead playing.

And then from the almost “Penny Lane” rip-off, “Blackberry Way” (featuring Tandy on piano) to the wild instrumental changes on their ode to an insane asylum, “Cherry Blossom Clinic.” The strong songwriting of this band, Bevan’s amazing drumming, and a great sense of harmony are apparent throughout.

The Move was morphing into Wood’s plans for ELO so fast near the end of their run that the last Move album was recorded at the same time as the first ELO one. Here we get the later hits like the heavy slide-led, “Brontosaurus,” stomper “When Alice Comes Back” (with its cello strikes), and The Beatles influenced big sweep of “What?” (featuring Lynne on vocals).

The band’s biggest hit, which would be re-recorded as a hit for ELO as well, “Do Ya” ends Magnetic Waves Of Sound: The Best Of The Move.

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The Move: Magnetic Waves of Sound – The Best of the Move