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Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Matteo Scher: Something Good

Matteo Scher
Something Good

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The sold deep bounce of  “New York and Me” begins Matteo Scher’s excellent EP, Something Good. Surely with his piano playing and mid-range voice, Scher could be mining Billy Joel territory, as much Ben Folds Five at times with some Elton John thrown in. But it’s clear Scher leads with his own “voice,” on what he manages with these five tracks.

Drummer, Andres Marin brushes us along into the arpeggio-led “Forget,” a pretty song of regret, informed by some soft harmonies, and again Scher’s players knowing just where to place themselves in his simple production.

There’s a light high-note lilting to “Something Good,” another tune about crossing lovers. Scher uses his clear-as-a-bell voice here even better than he did on the first two tunes, rolling up on the lyric. The light touches by Tim Basom’s guitar, some slight atmospheric strings and again, well-placed harmonies round this out to a sweet little gem.

“Painkiller” ends, a staccato shunky-beat rocker with a torch-song like roll. It’s big commercial stuff, representing the most fully realized production here, Basom getting a chance to break out a sly lead, Mike Forfia laying down a nice bass with which the rest of the instruments can move, with even an electric piano in the mix. The lead-out instrumental, with Beach Boy-like ooh’s, organ, and Basom throwing in again doesn’t overstay its welcome, proving once again, Scher’s mastery as a songsmith.

Something Good is a clear, well-reasoned, expertly played and written EP from Matteo Scher.

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Matteo Scher: Something Good