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Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Sizzla: I’m Yours

I’m Yours
(FX Music Group)

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Every reggae fan is familiar with the prolific Sizzla. I’m Yours is his third album this year alone (along with Fought for Dis and Welcome to Judgement Yard).

Sizzla’s lyrics span a wide range of topics to go along with a variety of sounds. He talks about love interests, beautiful women, but also about violence and oppression in poor neighborhoods. Throughout the album you’ll hear different types of reggae from roots vibes to bits of modern dancehall on “I’m Yours.”

The title track (featuring JonFX and Mz. Vee) even has pop appeal, with a bouncy still undeniably reggae beat. “My Girl” is in the same vein.

The instrumentals on “Everytime” along with the horns, and sweet sounding back up vocals during the chorus hearken back to more classic reggae sounds. The lyrics about violence, suffering, and the need for unity also add to the roots vibe.

It’s one of the most memorable songs on the album followed by the slower, but similar “Fair Chance.” “Shoot You” (featuring Stonebwoy and JonFX) follows and rounds out one of the most cohesive sections on the album.

If you’re not too familiar with reggae this is a good album to chill out to. If you’re up on your reggae knowledge you’ll appreciate the lyrical content and sonic throwbacks on I’m Yours.

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Sizzla: I’m Yours