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Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2018

Rich The Kid: The World is Yours

Rich the Kid
The World is Yours
(Rich the Kid/ TDE)

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Dimitri Roger a.k.a Rich the Kid is a singer/songwriter/rapper and producer. Born in Queens, NY but later moving to Woodstock, Georgia (30 minutes from Atlanta) his name originally was Black Boy the Kid. He started making Music in 2010 and now continuously  builds more and more Visibility and notoriety as time progresses. In 2015 he created a collaborative mixtape Still on Lock, with the well known hip-hop trio Migos,  The Same year he released “Flexxin on Purpose” which featured a Plethora of Artist (at the time)  who were on the verge of Stardom Including  Artist like Ty$ Dolla Sign and  Young Dolph. He continued consistently releasing Mixtapes with artists like iLoveMakonnen, Kodak Black, Young Thug, and the immensely talented Diplo.

He has produced some of your favorite records, and you may not even know it.  The song you’re probably most familiar with due to its huge success and popularity, is his single “Freezer,” which features the charismatic Kendrick Lamar. The beat is hypnotic, a great balance of futuristic sounds with a nostalgic trap feel.  Its buzz is ongoing and someone, somewhere is probably dancing to it right now.

The follow up single “Plug Walk” is gradually making its way around and having the same effect on his fans, and folks are playing it everywhere I turn. I personally believe his life going from New York to Georgia created this balanced split of Southern vibes with East Coast energy. His life being split between New York and Georgia is evident in the little nuances throughout the album. I always knew of him as an incredible and notable underground producer, but didn’t know as much as I thought because his artistry went over my head.

I am never one to underestimate anyone, so I was genuinely interested in hearing his music. I also discovered his uncanny ability to feature the right artist on any song he has created. This skill is easily displayed in “End of Discussion” featuring Lil’ Wayne, and it’s one of my favorites off the album and hopefully the next single. I wish I had some amazing reason why, but honestly I just do. One thing you’ll learn about trap music is that it isn’t made to be intellectualized, but felt.

Trap music is a vibe. Speaking of vibes, after playing the last tune mentioned skip to “Lost it” featuring Offset and Quavo. I for one am a Migos fan, so I expected the record to be dope, and that it is. The song embodies the trap culture. It’s about flow, groove and feel. Another song that I like and I believe was made for a girl like me is “Too Gone” featuring Khalid. It’s trap but somehow hip-hop/ R&B with Khalid singing the chorus smoothing everything out while Rich’s delivery is still definitely trap. I see why Rich the Kid is slowly gaining well-earned popularity, and in a sea of nondescript trap artists soon you’ll know exactly who he is and what “real” trap is too.

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Rich The Kid: The World is Yours