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Published On: Thu, Jun 21st, 2018

THE SEX FILES: Come Get A Fantasy Massage

Fantasy Massage is an online video portal culling together the best of what can happen when people meet over a massage. From studios like All Girl Massage, Milk Table, Tricky Spa and Soap Massage, there is girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, girl-girl-on-guy, and guy-on-girl just as the good lord intended, pretty much anything you can think up with sexy scenes happening in massage studios, on massage tables, in showers, etc. The two movies I tapped into were incredibly hot, maybe some of the hottest stuff I have seen.

Now don’t get me wrong, the standard porn fare works for me as I am sure it does for you. My crusty sensibilities are not so broken down and jaded that I need midget Asian smoking Libertarian T-girls to make my day (but if you do, that’s perfectly cool). But I do appreciate sexy stuff, that while not fetish or kink, still delivers in creativity.

Fantasy Massage does.

The first scene I picked was from under the Milk Table studio tab, called “How Embarrassing.” Starring Tommy Gun and his pretty much perfect body, he comes to see ‘specialist’ Penny Brooks, over the fact that he could not perform when his friends enlisted a bunch of strippers for his birthday. Worried about the early signs of E.D., Tommy puts himself into the capable hands of Penny, who assures him she can massage him to a reaction.

And she does…with more than just her hands.

Yes, the massage is slow and hot, Penny is in a very small bra and panty set throughout, but things take a true turn for the very best massage Tommy has ever had when the lady asks him to turn over, insert himself through the hole midway on the table (this is a ‘milking table’ after all) and Penny then gets under it to bring Tommy to a climax.

Wonderful stuff.

The other film I tapped into here, “Practice Makes Perfect,” is one of the hottest I have seen in a very long time. Mindy Mink and Liv Revamped star as new masseuse and boss. The set-up is that adorable curly-haired redhead Liv is new to the studio, eager to make sure her massages are spot on and Mindy, being the supportive boss she is, when Liv asks for what she could do better, especially for female clients, Mindy offers to give the newer girl a lesson.

What I like about this one, obvious as it is, with Mindy first laying her tall volptuous body on the massage table face down, is how innocent Liv acts. You can see the push and pull across her beautiful face as she slowly comes to realize that Mindy is asking quite a bit more from her kneading and Liv slowly gets hotter and hotter administering to the more experienced lady. When Mindy turns over, things do heat up, but as with the entire film, the build-up is slow and teasing. Of course Mindy is nothing but a consciesous boss and after she’s ‘done,’ she gets Liv up on all fours on the table and attends to her in ways Liv seemingly never imagined…but loves all the same.

The end of this hit films ends with the women laying on the table performing an expert 69, plus some afterward rubbing.

I really can’t recommend Fantasy Massage Porn film enough. Tap into them here.

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THE SEX FILES: Come Get A Fantasy Massage