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Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2018

In The Light of Led Zeppelin: The Pompeii Sessions

In the Light of Led Zeppelin
The Pompeii Sessions

Florida’s killer Led Zeppelin tribute band, In the Light of Led Zeppelin really bring the sound using vintage 70s equipment as well as their expert playing on this seven-song pastiche of the most famous hard-rock catalog in popular music.

The Pompeii Sessions is spot on stuff indeed.

The six players here, all Grammy nominated, roll through these familiar tunes, as much hitting the usual rock strikes we know as adding violin and mandolin (from two of the newest members of this band). In fact, lots of what they are here is the later sensibility that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant cultivated during the orchestra phase of their No Quarter tour and live album.

Opening with an electric splashy “Dancing Days,” into “Ramble On,” then “Four Sticks,” this last featuring some truly over-the-top wailing from Randi Fishenfeld. “The Battle Of Evermore” is an near exact read of what we all know, the first time the band really pulls out the stops here. Scott Board gives a killer ending of “Bring it back, bring it back,” while Linda Kiley channels Sandy Denny to a tee.

“Kashmir,” ends the album. Drummer Keith Howard and violinist Randi Fishenfeld jam out in a cool ending section. Scott Board again hits all those killer high notes around the bloody good mess and In the Light of Led Zeppelin is out, over and done, making you want more.

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In The Light of Led Zeppelin: The Pompeii Sessions