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Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

Granny 4 Barrel Brings the Metal and the Granny

With an onstage persona mix of Alice Cooper meets Ma Barker, a video directed by none-other-than Trump’s favorite part-time gf Stormy Daniels, making music that barnstorms past traditional country fiddle-led ditties into full-on metal, one simply can’t take their eyes off of, nor their ears away from, Granny 4 Barrel. I had the pleasure to speak to Granny ‘herself’ about where this band of hard rockers hailing from upstate New York are presently at-Granny 4 Barrel was on tour rampaging through American bars when I managed this interview-and the whole idea of the concept behind this amazingly provocative act.

For those who have yet to hear Granny, can you describe the sound of the band?

Our music is a combination of our favorite sounds; old-school heavy metal, bluegrass, and electronica mixed all together.

And for those who have never seen the band live, can you describe the experience?

Well, it’s kind of a mind fuck; we are pushing buttons. You have a lead singer dressed up as an old woman, pushing the idea of gender all over the place. I’m your surrogate bad-ass metal granny, the old lady you always wished you had in your life. A scary comic granny to bring you fun and madness.

So basically just good old heavy rock stage-antic entertainment?

Yes, definitely. We figure, this is the entertainment business, let’s try to do something that’s more than just a bunch of guys standing on stage playing while staring at their shoes. We want to give people something different, something that shakes them up.

Because she certainly has been in the news of late, can you speak on how you got Stormy Daniels to direct your latest, “She Likes Guns,” video?

Well, we filmed the video about eleven months ago actually. We are connected through James Dupree, the lead singer for Jackyl and the man who owns the record label we are on, Mighty Loud Records. He suggested Stormy, knowing her through some sources not related really at all through the adult business, saying that she might be the perect person to direct our video. We met, hit it off and filmed the video last June. “She Likes Guns,” got some radio play but due to current events was thought maybe too constroversial, shelved for what would be our next single but seeing what’s been happening in Stormy’s life recently, we though why not bring the video out now (*see it here*).

And you have lots more songs coming, are eventually going to release an album right?

Right, we put out the singles, are playing live to generate interest. We have a 12- song full album ready just waiting for the right time to release.

And right now you’re touring.

Yes, we are part of a great package, with Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra And The Lotus and a bunch of other bands;  a romp across the U.S. old school, get on the tour bus, old-time team effort. Plugging it across social media, making money selling merch, meeting fans.

See and hear more about Granny 4 Barrel here…and get your ass out to see your granny if you know what’s good for you.

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Granny 4 Barrel Brings the Metal and the Granny