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Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2019

THE SEX FILES: Vegas Adventuring For A Kink Convention, Part 1

While you were all off watching Adam Levine’s nipples, I was traipsing back home on the ‘red eye’ from Vegas to Newark having spent another wild and woolly weekend in Sin City teaching at the Sin In The City convention. The 2nd year in a row for me (and my buddy, fellow erotic writer M. Christian) and 3rd overall at Sin for us, once again we found the kinksters on hand to be some of the most delightful people you will ever want to meet and our time hanging, something Chris and I so need.

The hotel that housed the event and us, The Alexis Park Suites, is ‘off the strip’ as they say, directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Once again I availed myself of the Willy Wonka slot machine at the HR, as much hoping to win big bucks from this penny slot (yes, for me, gambling is a ‘go big or go home’ proposition obviously) as to watch all the animation the machine spits at you. I did very well with Willy and playing a little Black Jack as well…a game I hardly ever engage in.

But more on this later.

Chris and I had one class to teach this year, “Tit Torture For Boobs” (although what other than boobs would you torture in this case?) which I thought went off with aplomb. The title of the class though had some attendees (of which we had plenty that 11am Saturday morning) remarking they had hoped our methods would be more hardcore. Duly noted, we have since changed our class language on our website, but quite frankly Chris and I feel there are many levels to ‘torture,’ and there were plenty of people I saw walking the grounds later who complimented me on the class. But more on this later.

This year Chris and I managed to do quite a lot in getting around Vegas, much more than we have ever managed together before.

The afternoon we arrived, after downing a big breakfast (at 2pm) at the Peppermill, a Vegas Strip swanky diner institution (seen in an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the movies Casino and Showgirls, to name just a few places it has been placed in) we ‘Lfyt-ed’ to my client The Erotic Heritage Museum, for me to catch up with my boss there, the wonderful Dr. Victoria Hartmann. The good doctor spun us through a tour of the museum. The EHM rotates their unique sex positive exhibits pretty regularly so if you have yet to get there do so.

On leaving, the Lfyt driver happened to drive past the massive Planet 13 dispensary which was recently built and opened right next door to the EHM. With weed now legal in Nevada, Las Vegas is bustling with dispensary locations and Planet 13 is most impressive (Chris and I would be back to explore inside the next night). More on this later.

Being the wild Las Vegas partiers we are, Chris and I had our driver speed us directly over to the…Downtown Container Park. Sitting at one end of Freemont Street, this is an outdoor shopping center built from shipping containers. A praying mantis statue guards the entrance to the mall shooting fire from its antenna every ten minutes or so.

Turning around and out of the mall we headed up Freemont Street, to the ‘old’ part of the strip now covered with a roof that displays colors and a light show consistently. With outdoor bars, people everywhere and the opportunity to take pictures with topless nuns and various Star Wars characters, this part of Vegas is more Times Square, slightly sleazy and all-out fun from the more glitzy hotels at the other end of the strip. We loved it.

Burning the candle from both ends as we were, Chris and I decided we better head back to the hotel, seeing as it was 6:30. We grabbed a Lyft right quick. (If you are ‘doing Vegas’ anytime soon, avail yourself of rideshare as it is infinitely less expensive than cabs…something an old guy like me came to learn very quickly).

We hoped for a jaunt through the make-shift convention dungeon, but we were way too early when we got back for any of this naughtiness to have begun, so it was tour room for Fiji’s, Rice Check snacks, long talking and then to bed for both of us by 9:30.

Part 2 Next time…can you keep up with all this Vegas adventuring?

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THE SEX FILES: Vegas Adventuring For A Kink Convention, Part 1