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Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2019

Micropixie: Dark Sight of the Moon

Dark Sight of the Moon
(One Little Alien)

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Indie/electronic songwriter Micropixie brings us her new release Dark Sight of the Moon. This last in her “narratively-linked” trilogy (the other two albums being The Good, The Beige & The Ugly and Alice In Stevie Wonderland) has lots to reveal coming from Neshma Friend’s self-created Micropixie alien alter-ego.

Opening with the footsteps and far away voices of “Time Machine” we are quickly into the swirl, tease and often time lushness of what is presented throughout Dark Sight of the Moon. I especially liked the double hit early on of the very sexy “Aunt Disestablishmentarianism” into the almost danceable (and wonderfully commercial) “The Universal.”

When we get the more floaty moments, obviously meant to make the overall concept statement, in songs like “Back to The Future” or the wonderfully titled and talk-vocal over piano of “Em Pee Three,” I tend to get lost a bit. I’d venture that what exactly Neshma is going on about probably requires a good listen to all three albums in one sitting.
The title track, kind of an epic stab at ending the album, works well to bring us around full circle and leaves the listener certainly wanting a second go-round with Neshma and her Micropixie pixie.

Neshma as Micropixie gives us a singular complex vision on Dark Sight of the Moon and this album’s title paying homage to one of the greatest spacey epic concept albums of all time shows the lady knows from well she hails.

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Micropixie: Dark Sight of the Moon