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Published On: Thu, Jul 25th, 2019

THE SEX FILES: Granny Gets Real Nasty

It’s hard for me to rightly ignore the rock and roll bad-assness of Granny4Barrel. At this column, I usually expound on sexy DVD’s, toys, events, but I can’t not give my dear old Granny her due when she is being so naughty and kick ass. I don’t get to cover music so often here but really, I have expounded on this killer heavy rock outfit once again.

I hipped readers here at ShortandsweetNYC to Granny4Barrel when they released their video, “She Likes Guns” a while back (see it here). This little romp was directed by none other than Stormy Daniels and stars Arya Fae, Lily Lane, & Casey Calvert; the Stormy connection to what I do here obviously and possibly to our commander-in-chief.

I didn’t think things could get much more rock and roll sexy wild than that video, but our dear old Granny surprises at every turn. I was recently invited to an in-studio get together to listen to a bunch of the band’s new tracks, produced by the legendary David Bendeth. The songs were killer, Granny, as always inviting (we all even got chocolates to take home, cause really what’s a visit with your Granny without chocolate?) and the band even took on a cover of a popular Donna Summer tune which, to my ears, is bound to be a hit.

Now I get to see Granny4Barrel’s latest killer video, for their song “Nitro Sexy.” This race-track action clip was shot on location at the El Paso Motor Plex in El Paso, TX by award winning director David Brodsky of MyGoodEye. The clip features Granny rocking in her chair high atop a speeding car, the band in performance with performers from Hardknocks Car Club, El Paso Roller Derby team the Tex Pistols, and some ladies from a Rick’s Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club (sister club to the one right here in NYC we all know so well from my trips there). Granny describes the video as “In keeping with my wholesome family values, we made sure to add plenty of violence, speed, sex, and power in both the song and video!” and says that she can’t “…wait for all the rock ‘n roll children to feast their greedy little eyes and ears on my latest masterpiece!” The video for Nitro Sexy can be viewed here.

Granny4Barrel consists of Granny on vocals, Jared Pease on drums (I got to talk to Jared a bunch at the in-studio hang, one of the nicest guys you  will ever meet), Chase Potter on that magically electric wild violin and Marc Malsegna playing guitar.

Presently ‘the boys’ have earned the unheard feat of an unsigned act receiving 50+ spins weekly on Octane Hyper Rotation and being added to Spotify ROCK HARD Playlist (with 635,000 followers). They have also been included in other playlists, such as the popular Loudwire Weekly Wire and Amazon (Fresh Rock, Top Rock, Rock Scene, and Introducing Rock). This is a band to catch and a Granny to snuggle up close to…if you dare.

Check out Granny4Barrel’s world here.

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THE SEX FILES: Granny Gets Real Nasty