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Published On: Thu, Oct 17th, 2019

THE SEX FILES: Flexing with Kora Angel

Photo credit: Kora Angel

Niche/Fetish, these words are pretty much synonymous in the kinkdom. As much with amateurs in their bedrooms, hardened player couples at conventions, or professionals doling out specific tortures, lots of us only need one or two specific naughty touchstones to get us to that state of bliss.

When I came across muscle goddess Kora Angel, I was as much captivated by her ‘look’ (a stunning, highly muscular beauty) as the specifics of what she offered. Here was a lady who was well aware that lots of viewers would simply adore gazing upon her tight and fantastically perfect ass as there were plenty of men (with Kora it is mostly men viewers) who would dig being flashed her deep taut underarm or calf muscle. Yes, to each his own in the kinkdom.

So, how does a nice girl like you get into this and what’s your background?

I was born in Poland, and lived there until I was eleven, when my family came to the U.S.

Did you experience culture shock?

Well, it’s certainly a different culture, that’s for sure. Especially for a female, girls are raised to do ‘women’s work.’ I recall coming back to visit my grandma at twelve years old and she told me I needed to start wearing skirts, hike them up so boys would notice my legs. That’s the culture I came from. Sexuality is very different there than it is here in the US.

Well you seem to have a handle on who you are and what you want to do now! When did you actually get into camming and making movies as Kora Angel?

I got into the adult world two years ago after leaving my job working at Amazon corporate. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt I was forcing myself into a box. I wanted to be somewhere else, and went on Adult Friend Finder, researching what people wanted. I figured I needed to find out what was out there and what people were looking for before I even thought about charging for something.

I did in my private life receive requests for dominating roles. At 24 or so met with a 6’3 225lbs of pure muscle male asking me to fuck him in the ass. I didn’t judge and just wasn’t yet sure how to do it, the inexperience side of it.  I began researching to elevate my awareness as I do for any fetish. I dive deep! To truly learn and respect the intricate details of each fetish. This was prior to my bodybuilding career ever beginning. The thirst inside me for more of that amazing experience kept haunting me for years.

I’ve always been dominant and just tried to fit into the social norm of a female, being submissive. I instead embraced myself fully! I’m still learning Kora daily.

Beyond your obvious specific physical attributes, what do you find men come to you for?

Over time I have come to learn the specific audience coming to me wants to dive deeply into their fetish. Sure, some of my fans want to get off on me showing them my deep underarm or bicep, but frankly, what interests me most is understanding and being able to provide the deeper meaning of why someone needs what they need, finding out what makes you tick and getting into it.

Are there things that you don’t get into, even if requested?

Sure, I have limitations, some things are outside my comfort zone. But I never judge what someone wants and try to accommodate as best I can.

Although you come across, and look very strong and certainly dominant, you are not providing a ‘kitten with a whip’ scene, right? What first attracted me to you was your look and what seems to be a rather soft understanding attitude.

Yes, I feel that’s true. In my military career and through my working-out, certainly I have mined a more dominant and confident image, but my domination comes from understanding as I said, getting deeply into showing you what you want and why.

I have also been asked to provide scenes that are not exactly just based on my body like ‘teacher, ‘school girl,’ professional business woman and ‘mommy’ roles. I am very flexible, pardon the pun, in how I can present myself and in what I can wear.

Do you ever see clients in person?

No, I do not. If you see another person in my scenes, it’s another model and at one time, my ex-partner. I mainly do solo scenes.

So, what’s coming up in your future?

I’m very excited and on a clear path. I always search for models to collaborate and shoot scenes with. I want to evolve into doing training videos, and also offer life coaching and mentoring, maybe coaching with a twist, like adding in domination where it is positive, helpinbg people set goals or a morning routine.

I recently moved to south Florida to scale my business even more. As a producer I love bringing to life others fantasies. My fans have such magnificent scenes! And I am always open to shooting with fans with special circumstances to star in my productions, truly collaborate and forever have this experience. With privacy provided of course for identities.

Where can people find you?

twitter is @koraangel1

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THE SEX FILES: Flexing with Kora Angel