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Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Occupying Your Hands With Something Else During Self-Quarantine

Sure, we could all so easily log on to the various porn sites out there and try for a personal record, but there are plenty of other things you could be doing with your hands (or using batteries for) during self-quarantine. And I realize the options dwindle over the non-masturbatory stuff as you attempt, once again, to see the kids through another round of online homeschooling or search in vain for yet another missing piece on yet another jigsaw puzzle. And really, binging on Ozark, will leave you missing the show all too soon.

I found this fun little challenge today, and if you are of an artistic bent (and even if you aren’t) might you head on over to Mr. Skin, our friendly neighborhood expert on nudity in film, and try his #MrSkinChallenge? As described on the website (see here), Mr. Skin wants to increase your (stimulus) package! Enter our #MrSkinChallenge by drawing YOUR favorite nude scene or iconic celeb moment, and you could win $1200. 

At least, this contest might keep your hands occupied.

You could also have run wild with your latent exhibitionism (I caution caution here, depending on how wild you take this) by joining the “Bin Isolation Outing,” Facebook group. What started as a joke created by Danielle Askew, an Australian, has now spread across the globe (talk about a pandemic!). CNN, as well as many other outlets (‘fake news’ or not), have reported on folks dressed (or undressed) in various wild outfits when taking out their garbage (in Australia, garbage cans are called “bins”). Again, depending on the time you want to spend on this and how artistic you might be, here is a perfect opportunity to show off your creativity, as well as body parts. Sure, you can go the route of the global-conscious nude model, Kaylen Ward. As self-proclaimed The Naked Philanthropist,” the young woman has taken to social media to sell nudes of herself to raise money for various causes (the Australian wildfire relief being one of her most profitable). I’d say stick to rolling the garbage cans to the curb in your bra and panties, probably nobody, except your smoopie bear is hankering for pics of you in the buff.

Yeah, I guess you can say I am making light of a dire situation. But beyond the illness and death that COVID-19 seems to be giving us; there appears to be an ever-deeper divide being cut as both political parties take a position to prove whatever point they think best to prove when we are all at our weakest. I wish you the best of health and us all a speedy and safe way through our many current crises, from battling the bug to determining what closet to clean out.

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Occupying Your Hands With Something Else During Self-Quarantine