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Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2020

THE SEX FILES: Some Latest Bits Of Sex News

What, did you think the pandemic would slow any of us down when it comes to sexual mayhem? Hopefully, you have all been having fun with yourselves, your partner (or both), but here are some recent sex-related news items, stuff that has gone down since the last time I wrote a column here a few weeks ago.

#1. July 14th saw a massive theft in Las Vegas property…and I do mean ‘massive.’ A masked man was captured on video coming into the Déjà Vu Love Boutique, an adult shop right off the infamous Las Vegas Strip (and adjacent to our friends at The Erotic Heritage Museum) stealing their world-famous massive dildo. “The world’s largest retail dildo,” as it is titled on Amazon, is three-feet tall, weighs forty pounds, and was just standing, minding its own business, right there on the store’s sales floor. The fake cock stealer heaved the dildo across his shoulder like he had every right to, left the store, and wresting the huge member into his vehicle.  The “Landmark item,” is worth nearly 2k.

Oh, those wacky fun-loving, sex-positive Cambodians are at it again!

#2. A law will seemingly go into effect in Cambodia in the new year, giving police the right to fine ladies and men for what will be considered an inappropriate dress. Men will be banned from going sans shirt and women from wearing their skirts too short or anything “too see-through.”

(Not that there isn’t a whole lot of other stuff about this that gives me the chills, but when I see words like “too” in law to me that’s akin to saying “kinda.”)

Earlier in 2020, a Cambodian lady was arrested and sent to prison for what she wore on Facebook. She was attempting to sell clothes and cosmetics and was slapped with pornography and indecent exposure for what she was wearing during her live streaming event.

The legacy of Chbay Srey, a code of conduct for Cambodian women, called on this website: “The way to be the perfect Cambodian woman” teaches ladies to be obedient and offer advice on how they should present themselves. The centuries-old code was still in place in Cambodian schools as of 2007. Government officials in the country pushing for the above ‘inappropriate’ laws on dress claim they simply want to uphold these kinds of cultural traditions.

3. Lastly, and for us all, no matter where we live, there seems to be a trend sweeping all of us shut-ins, something I am just coming to realize now…I am always slow on the uptake when it comes to anything to do with technology. According to this wonderful article by Jody Serrano on Gizmodo, when she was prompted to search through Apptopia, over data she received about vibrator app downloads, she found an incredible increase in the top vibrator app sales over the last few months. Serrano dove deeper into her research (and posted comments) to come to the conclusion you are all probably already at: folks are using their phones via these apps to get off.

Supposedly there are plenty of cleaners around to make sure you bring your phone back to a somewhat ‘usual’ state before one starts playing with it and the apps do indeed make our pocket computers as good for self-pleasure as for texting a friend.  And who says we aren’t creative little apes?

In the face of even a global crisis the world does keep turning in all its wacky wonderful naughty ways.


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THE SEX FILES: Some Latest Bits Of Sex News