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Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2020

Bruce Hornsby: Non-Secure Connection

Bruce Hornsby
Non-Secure Connection
(Zappo Productions)

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Bruce Hornsby is wasting no time. Releasing his Non-Secure Connection on the heels of his brilliant Absolute Zero musical tribute to science from last year, here we get another bunch of great stuff from this singer/composer/piano player.

A swirly one-note drone and single-note plucked piano lay under layered vocals on the pretty “Cleopatra Drones.” This start rumination over the good and bad of modern drone use kicks off the ten with the more mournful “Time The Thief” following.

The songs coming midway, “Rat King,” and “My Resolve” mine a familiar Hornsby soundscape, if you only know this guy from his most popular hits. Striking quick piano chords while Rob Moose sails his string arrangement, the lyric of “Rat King,” is especially hard-hitting, concerning somebody facing an obsolesce they sense coming. “My Resolve,” chugs along even quicker, a tune Hornsby sent to James Mercer, of the Shins, to duet with him on, thinking it sounded very Shins-esque as he wrote it.

The men make outstanding strong work of this.

It’s hard to go wrong writing a song with Leon Russell, as Hornsby did on the title cut from Russell’s early 90’s album. Setting up some deep funk again, Hornsby recut the tune, even keeping some Russell original vocal, and adding a real cool electric sitar.

“Porn Hour,” features jumpy piano and strings, and a lyric about who exactly was the innovators of the net. And an even jumpier, almost Police-like, (as Hornsby admits), “No Limits,” ends.

If you’ve yet to catch-up with Bruce Hornsby or only know him from hits like “The Way It Is,” you owe it to yourself to grab Non-Secure Connection and get to know what this brilliant musician is up to presently.

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Bruce Hornsby: Non-Secure Connection