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Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2021


Photo credit: Anna Rodriguez

We’re just a tickle into the New Year, so let me hip you to a couple of items. One you can participate in…the other you can’t.

You can sign-up now for the NEW 2021 HUMP! Film Festival. This live stream event began on January 30th and runs through March 6th. A bunch of sexy short films, curated by Dan Savage, here we get a glut of stuff from folks wanting to share what turns them on and what they are fantasizing about. Featured here are very short films, less than five minutes—created by people sporting a bunch of different body types, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, and kinks. This link will take you to where you can buy tickets.

It seems there has been a movement happening for quite a while to relocate Amsterdam’s “De Wallen” area (better known as the Red Light District). Now it seems a new “erotic center” is ready to take the “cabins,”–those windowed brothels that bathe their inhabitant prostitutes in red light–depositing the whole kit, kaboodle, and booties far away from its usual environs.

The city’s mayor, Femke Halsema, has been against the area for quite a while, claiming that the cabins invite abuse and gawking from tourists. She also recently proposed to have only Dutch residents allowed in the city’s nearly 200 marijuana-selling coffee shops. Again, she wants to cut down on tourist involvement. Although I always thought that kind was what Amsterdam was after.

I can only report from what I witnessed when visiting the city (see pic). The women were perfectly safe behind their windows (most looking bored, actually) and at pretty regular intervals, I spied beefy bodyguards alert and ready to respond if the girl in their charge encountered some problem. Each little window has a buzzer the woman uses when she feels threatened.

The opposition of the relocation comes from the Red Light United Group, the D66 party, as well as the Greens, Labour, and the Socialist Party. They are as much against the red light district moving as they are the ban on coffee shops.

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