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Published On: Fri, Mar 12th, 2021

Oneo Fakind: The Start of Something

Oneo Fakind
The Start of Something
(Oneo Fakind)

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Space sounds and voices get us into the opener “The Coniologist” of Oneo Fakind’s new album, The Start of Something. The track opens up into some beat crazy arpeggio keys and snapping machine-led percussion, as colors of sounds slip in and out. Thankfully the softer (but with still enough arpeggio to make even the most ardent Tangerine Dream fan happy) helps us through the next song “Surfaces.” Even this early on, it’s evident that there is some deep thought behind the production of layered keys presented here by Matt Legge and Brett Cairns.

I tend to like Oneo Fakind when they play softer, not running off into kinetic avenues. The bleeps of “Nostalgia for the Present” really works for me, as does the low cello-like breathing of “Close to You/Closed to You.” This one opens into some delightful single-keyboard lushness about halfway through, wrestling the listener to a whole other plane. Great work here, guys.

“The Decay of the False Vacuum,” again, showcasing some solid piano playing (too little piano playing throughout though, for my tastes), is another of the highlights here. There is that use of faraway vocals and the oft-used drum machine percussion, but used liberally here. We get some cool bendy keys and again a Tangerine Dream-like running background on the mini-epic “Wonderful.” Being the prog head I am, this wild mélange of sounds is my favorite track off of The Start of Something.

Surely this is not an album to make the masses happy. But The Start of Something is a nicely brewed ambient cup of tea played, produced and written well.

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Oneo Fakind: The Start of Something