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Published On: Fri, Apr 2nd, 2021

Kaleigh: Predestined


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“Weather The Storm” smacks us headfirst into Kaleigh’s debut album Predestined. A brash, big drum, guitar-driven strut-of-a-single sees actor/model/musician Kaleigh pushing hard with her cool vocal and statement lyric. “Mine,” fairs even better to my ears, with its tinkling keys, loose backing drums behind some neat snapping. We get an almost little-girl vocal from Kaleigh here as she keeps up with the use of a low growling bed just under the surface of this tune….a production piece she employees often. We get even more pop in the danceable “Perfectly Imperfect.” The snapping bass and piano groove wonderfully here, and I like the percussion bed and horn sounds. As this kind of a thing can, “Perfectly Imperfect” overstays its welcome, but it’s still a solid little fun tune.

Kaleigh comes out rocking on “Rebel With A Purpose.” Again, she’s spanking us with the big snapping snare, but this one has a heavy organ and guitar that push the lady on. I really like when this lady rocks. “NY Lullaby” again employs some snapping, a percussion bed, and a piano, all in a slow down moment. Kaleigh might be trying a little too hard here to impress with her vocal, but I dig the keys and how she changes things up on this big ballad.

“God Have Mercy,” another rocker, featuring a fantastic growling bass and “50’s Dream,” end Predestined. “50’s Dream” is especially interesting, laid back as it is, built over a single-line electric guitar melody with Kaleigh holding back on her warble. You can really feel her pleading here. Predestined is a solid debut from a woman who is destined to bring us more good music, I am sure, in the future.

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Kaleigh: Predestined