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Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2022

Robert Schroeder: Space Of A Dream

Robert Schroeder
Space Of A Dream
(CD Baby)

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Washes of synth starts off “Dream Theatre,” the song that starts off Robert Schroeder’s new electronic music album, Spaces Of A Dream. Things kind of stay to the synth wash, and percussion pops until about 2 minutes in when a tribal beat begins with some arpeggiated keys, then a lead flute synth sound sails in over the top. After that, things repeat in this way of more spacey slow beginnings of washes and pops, then we get back to the flute and beat.

Again, about at the 2-minute mark, a lead synth slips in to echo a lead round the washing key backing on “Daydreamer.” It’s a very expressive lead line indeed, that infuses some sure hope into the melancholy backing as another slow beat begins for this tune about halfway into Space Of A Dream. 

A blipping “Mind Recorder” and “Neuron Transmitter,” end the collection. For the former, the beginning synth spreads in a ‘furry’-sounding lead, reminiscent (at least to my ears) of Richard Wright’s better flights with Pink Floyd. The layering of a whole bunch of different sounding synths with a clicking beat plucks this song to its fullest potential, while the idea of layering different sounds synth arpeggios is played to full expression on ender “Neuron Transmitter.”

Indeed, this kind of ambient expression across a full album will not be for everyone. But Robert Shroeder takes on the challenge of presenting some well-played compositions of this type on Spaces Of A Dream.

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Robert Schroeder: Space Of A Dream