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Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2022

For Which Topics is a Dark Presentation Design Appropriate?

There are many representatives of different professions and directions. Everyone wants to stand out during a presentation of their product, a student story, or a simple thematic speech. A well-designed presentation can help. An unusual solution would be a dark google slides theme, a variety of which can be viewed for a long time. The advantage is that this design is universal, even though it is not used as often as a white background. The site presents options for different topics, so the user can flip through the pages to find the most suitable template and start working on the creation of a full-fledged presentation.

Who would benefit from a dark design in slides?

Now it’s a trend, so you can use it in any theme. The main thing is to customize the template and complement it with your theme. Representatives of the following directions can safely choose a dark background:

Business, entrepreneurial activity, presentation of one’s product, service, or work. Designers of different directions: clothing, interior, and even graphic design. Motivational speakers, personal stories. A blogger, a well-known personality.

This list could go on for a long time and include managers, realtors, etc. The point is that a representative of even a very serious profession is not afraid to do something stylish and attract attention. The presentation is an additional tool to help interest a new audience in your topic. 

Not only the design but also the content of the slides will help support the thought and not get confused during the presentation. Fewer and fewer people are going on stage or presenting without preparation. There is a lot of competition in almost every niche, so you should always try to come out on top.

Why can’t you do it without a presentation?

The fact is that in addition to the competition, there are levels of perception. Most people are visual, which means they remember information better with visual examples in a presentation. In darker shades, important nuances can be further emphasized through the contrasting emphasis on the black background.

With artistry and charisma you’ll be able to capture attention for 20-30 minutes at most, so don’t lose the tools to help keep your audience engaged. Go into the editor and fill your slides with useful information without sacrificing stylish design. Every new switch on the screen, at the very least, will make the audience look up. Then it’s up to you. Combine all the features and get maximum effectiveness.

Some will have a harder time if their target audience is more unconventional. That’s why it’s important to determine what kind of audience you’re going to have before you prepare. This will help you be better prepared and get as much attention as possible. For example, for the most intellectually demanding audience, prepare subtexts and options for reflection.


Be sure to design your important points beautifully. Add appropriate pictures or graphics to a black background. Provide information that makes the audience want to take a picture and save it. If the pictures continue to circulate, you’ve done the right thing. An oral story without a visual is less likely to be photographed. Of course, there are exceptions, but if you’re new and just developing, don’t get your hopes up for this outcome.

Download a dark ready-made template for free or choose a premium version for a small fee. Use search or filters to speed up your selection. After your first practice, you’ll notice how easy everything is to do today with ready-made templates. Then, you’ll be able to make presentations not only for work moments, but also for fun, friends, and your other half.

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For Which Topics is a Dark Presentation Design Appropriate?