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Published On: Mon, Apr 17th, 2023

Combinator: re/combinator


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The metallic tapping that flows quickly into the heavy stomping of opener “Guest In Your Own Skin” surely grabs the listener by the throat, pretty much as Combinator wants on the new EP re/combinator. Here we have Sean Fairchild, with help from Jesse Holt of Second Coming remixing two tunes and Isaac Chirino lending percussion on one tune. Notably, Combinator is Fairchild’s baby.

The man can snap the bass, that’s for damn sure! “Things That Should Be” shows off Fairchild’s skill and has a slower melody thru-line. It’s a killer track, especially when the noise dies down, and we can hear Fairchild singing and his wacky funk bass energy.

Although the vocals are overprocessed on “Hide and Seek” (maybe they are deliberately hiding?) I like this ballad very much. Again, when Fairchild slows down, he is very effective. He manages some brief rolling bass noodles here, reminding the listener of his bass acumen, but this kind of attention to melody and sweet production showcases more of the man’s talents.

There is an echoey repeat and an almost Lindsey Buckingham approach with a wavery vocal splash on an another wonderful slow one, “Cartoon Character Child.” Those two Jesse Holt mixes come next, the slightly overdriven danceable pair of “Respira” while a big bass poppin’ “Through the Fog (Chi Child Mix)” presents a bluesy end to what I feel is a rather special little EP.

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Combinator: re/combinator