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Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2023

THE SEX FILES: Up On the Roof, Getting Down with Your Bot

I love it when I can post something here in THE SEX FILES that runs slightly to the left of my usual stuff…and is fun to boot. God knows, with all the crapola coming down at us from all avenues pretty much every day, we need some sexy stories and a helping hand to lighten the load.

The first part of this one comes via a young lady homeowner in Little Rock, Arkansas, and concerns the convergence of house repair (her roof specifically) and OnlyFans. How, you ask?

Twenty-four-year-old Terah Meishalyn owns a three-bedroom house in Little Rock, Arkansas. In her new home, only about a year, she noticed that her left roof was leaking, a genuine concern and often a costly repair for any homeowner. And costly to fix it indeed was, when Terah was told the cost to repair her roof, which her roofer claimed needed to be done fast (whether this was true or not, who knows), would be 10k. Her insurance company’s refusal to pay for the repair left the lady with very few options to find the money she just didn’t have on hand for the repair to her house.

Feeling down, surely knowing she couldn’t come up with that ten thousand, Meishalyn faced the situation with some humor, stepped up the scene of her present problems, and snapped some naughty pics of herself.

And this is when the fun began. Claiming the pics, which went viral instantly, were never meant for much else than to make herself feel good about a crappy roof situation, viewers who saw the fetching roof-stressed homeowner wanted more. Reading comments from folks prompted her to post more pics; Meishalyn started posting on the one place where seemingly everybody seems to make money these days…OnlyFans.

As Meishalyn told Kennedy News and Media:

“I have a job, but I would consider myself pretty and thought that I probably could make a decent amount on OnlyFans, and it would be a very quick way to scrape together that money. So that’s why I originally started it.”

Meishalyn quickly shut down what the media is calling her “rooftop strip shows;” it just wasn’t something she felt she could continue to do, despite how popular she suddenly became. And nobody knows whether she did indeed get close to amassing that ten needed to fix her roof. But for a short time, this young woman took to the OnlyFans means to an end, as so many have these days. And for more than just fixing a roof. 

Described as “a subscription-based social media platform where creators can monetize their content. Followers pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content, which can include anything from explicit photos to cooking tutorials,” OnlyFans is replete with everything from selfies to videos to anything in between. As the dissemination of porn has all but become the norm across the net these past two decades, it was no surprise that amateur and pro-salacious material would begin to be posted side-by-side. OnlyFans is among a bunch of sites that posts this kind of material, where every day, guys and girls are making cash, and having as many monthly subscribers as pro pornstars have, growing in popularity every day.

Now, in keeping with all things now and wow and naughty, clinical sexologist and sexuality counselor, Ed.D., DHS, CH, CI, Amy R. Marsh, author of Sexological Hypnotism: Overview, History, & Techniques (2022) and Entrancing: Hypnotizing Your Way to More Pleasure, Romance, & Sex! (2023) has just published How To Make Love To A Chatbot: The Thinking Human’s Guide to AI Erotic Roleplay. As many folks diving into OnlyFans or ‘only’ curious about it, you can damn well be assured that AI chatbots are out there and soon to be affecting your life if they haven’t already.

If you are curious about AI chatbots and the people who use them, consult Dr. Amy’s latest, the first “bot-positive” book to tackle this subject. It’s a “pleasure-positive users guide for those who are curious and those who already enjoy the romantic and erotic fantasy companionship of AI chatbots!”

So be you posting pics online, enjoying viral videos, running over to Clips4Sale every now and again, or wanting to get down and dirty for an AI chatbot, the world is your oyster; have at it. Just make sure, when applicable, to use plenty of sunscreen if exposing any pink parts to the sun while sitting on your roof. And always know who, or what it is, you are talking to.

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THE SEX FILES: Up On the Roof, Getting Down with Your Bot