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THE SEX FILES: What’s Been Happening

It’s been a bit since I checked in here, so I figured a little spin around recent sexual, cultural happenings might be in order. So here are a few of the top stories I’ve come across in the past few weeks. Hooters Shorts As old Mr. Zimmerman warned us, the times ‘they are a-changin,’ and it seems the change has come to some Hooters establishments. More...

by Ralph Greco | Published 2 days ago
Best Buy Co, Inc.
By Ralph Greco On Friday, September 24th, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Interview with Lily Craven

I have been so lucky with this column. I’ve gotten to meet such a wide variety of people involved with the adult industry, so many with a unique slant on what they do, articulate, sweet, and so down-to-Earth. More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, September 9th, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Speaking to Mr. Hands about Adult Gaming and “Naughty List News”

There are games, and then there are games. Mr. Hands (no, not his real name) is a self-proclaimed 32-year-old “newsletter enthusiast,” happily married to a lovely woman, and he just happens to write about smutty More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

The Buying and Selling Of Adult Websites: Talking To Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker

As of this writing, there are some interesting things happening over at that very well might restrict content posters as well as fans and casual onlookers. But don’t worry, there are plenty of NSFW More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Rick’s Cabaret, Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden

“Summertime and the living is easy…” Well, at RICK’S CABARET, the summertime allows patrons to enjoy the upscale gentlemen’s clubs one-of-a-kind roof deck. I can’t really say enough good things about More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, August 12th, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Aaron Carter Gets Naked & Sings

So, here’s a little something I just received from our friends at The Erotic Heritage Museum, that mixes something coming from NYC way, having a connection to the world of the Backstreet Boys and pop/rap, and More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Dave Lampert, R.I.P.

I wanted to hip you all to the passing of a great man, a champion of human sexuality, Dave Lampert, creator of the Sybian sex machine. One of Howard Stern’s ”go-to” devices, unparalleled in the world of self-sexual More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Checking in on live in-person kink events in our ‘new’ normal, slightly less locked-down world

Having taught at and attended (I do endeavor to do all I can to research effectively for you, my gentle reader), I can speak on the ins-and-outs of suburban ‘munches,’ local make-shift lifestyler meet-ups, and More...

By Ralph Greco On Thursday, July 1st, 2021

THE SEX FILES: What Might Have Gotten Past You: A Couple of Weeks in Sex

Here are a few naughty, fun stories (and one cautionary tale) that may have got by you when you weren’t looking. Trying to get back to whatever the new normal may be, God knows we are all very much involved in More...

By Ralph Greco On Friday, June 25th, 2021

Rick’s Cabaret New York is Open With No Restrictions

Photo courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret There’s no keeping a good gentleman’s club down…pandemic or not! With New York State curfews and capacity limits lifted two weeks ago, our friends and supremely sexy spot, More...