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Published On: Thu, Oct 13th, 2011

FILM: George Harrison: Living In the Material World

I caught the brand-spanking new Scorsese documentar, George Harrison: Living In The Material World at a press screening at our own New York Film Festival. Here we have another in a long line of loving tributes to music and musicians that Scorsese seems to make just about as good as anybody. You might recall his treatment of The Rolling Stones in his 2008 concert film Shine A Light, where they performed at The Beacon Theater, his No Direction Home: Bob Dylan for PBS’ “American Masters” series in 2005, his seminal The Last Waltz, which focused on The Band’s last concert, not to mention all those amazing needle-drops he manages in just about every single one of his films (Scorsese even worked on the Woodstock film as an editor). So here he is again with a scrumptious 3 hours of never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with a list of folks like Eric Clapton, Paul and Ringo (they were in The Beatles too), Tom Petty (to name a few); Harrison’s son Dhani readings his father’s diary entries over a lot of what amount to home movies in some cases…the most spectacular stuff for me personally.

Premiering on HBO On October 5th and 6thLiving In The Material World should not be missed by Beatles and Harrison fans and just about anybody who can appreciate one man’s search between the spiritual world and one of material trappings the likes of which most of us never see.

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FILM: George Harrison: Living In the Material World