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Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2012

THE SEX FILES: New Erotica

I am one of those guys who reads Playboy for the articles. I enjoy my porn as much in a download as I do the written word. I am still buying books as much as I do eBooks. For me words are immensely important and if I get a naughty picture with them, all the better! This week I wanted to present to you a few ‘newer’ sex book titles that might tickle your fancy.

1) There is a naughty British title that seems to be all the rage right now. Penned by E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the first part of what the author proves will be a triple-X trilogy. The Amazon reviews claim “This was one of those books that keeps you glued to the pages; staying up reading into the early morning” and “This story is magical!” and our own Today show aired interviews with a group of women from a Boca Raton-area book club who were ‘unanimously enthusiastic’ about this story of a college-aged woman and a male entrepreneur who explore themes of submission and domination. Though not everyone weighs in positively, Dr. Drew of Celebrity  Rehab fame claims the novel was “disturbing,” depicting what he feels is submissive sex that is violent against women.

I’d say make up your own mind, if you dare.

2) Pee-pees and Nay-nays you say? Well what book do you know attempts to understand them and how to use them better than the 2,000 year old Kama Sutra? Penguin Books has produced a scrumptious new version of this classic sex text. This new translation is the work of A. N. D. Haksar, a former Indian diplomat and a well-known translator of Sanskrit classics and though this Penguin classic contains no erotic illustrations. What we are treated to are great chapter titles like “Scratching,” “Kissing,” “Biting,” “Oral Sex,” “Hitting and Moaning” and “Reversing Roles.” Did you know that the original author of this tome, Vatsyayana was supposedly a celibate?

3) In the eBook world here is a link you might want to try these titles. Here is a series of anthos edited by Barbara Cardy, called The Mammoth Erotic Short Series. Barbara Cardy is the infamous editor of The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions (currently topping the erotic bestseller eBook charts at #5) and other Mammoth books. Here she has taken a theme for each eBook, like volume 2 “Golden Shower/MILF/Tease/Voyeur” or one of her lesbian books “Lebsian Erotica, Volume 3: Four Hot New Takes Of Desire” to present a massive collection of 36 erotic mini eBooks. A steal at just over a dollar each as B.C. assures us, these books are “erotically charged, downright dirty yet highly affordable.

So get off Facebook, give the T.V. a rest and curl up with a good book to set your lusts ablazing. Happy reading kids!

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THE SEX FILES: New Erotica