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Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2012

Lavanila Laboratories – Vanilla Passion Fruit

Valentine’s day may be behind us, but with the onslaught of warm weather and generally heightened “out-and-about”-ness encompassing NYC, a little spritz of aphrodisiac might just be the extra “umph” reminding cupid to keep on shooting.

Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit incorporates scents of Madagascar vanilla, passion fruit, guava, peach, and sandalwood, uniquely combined for an allegedly seductive effect. These vanilla tones can be somewhat overwhelming, so buyers beware that this product is not for the heavy-handed (or whatever the perfume-spraying equivalent would be for a lead foot). That said, as with edible forms of vanilla, this perfume may too be enjoyed in moderation. As for the remaining fruit basket of ingredients, I can’t say their presence is immediately detectible. If you’re looking for something fruity, this is not for you. Are you looking for a somewhat sophisticated slightly-too-sweet vanilla? Look no further. Dish out $58 for the perfume, or smaller sums for like-scented products, such as the roller ball ($19), showe and shave ($14), and body butter ($20), all of which can be found at or

Furthermore, Lavanila’s ingredients are touted as “healthy,” offering hydrating and soothing qualities for the skin. This factor is quite difficult to measure, feel, or test, so I’ll trust the lab on these claims. Why not? After all, it’s not so often that New Yorkers are offered the opportunity to achieve health through mere perfume-application, or, offer some direction for cupid’s arrow. Might as well offer it olifactorily.

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Lavanila Laboratories – Vanilla Passion Fruit