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Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2012

THE SEX FILES: Talking With Mistress Jade Tiger

Don’t let her petite frame and 100 lbs. fool you, Mistress Jade Tiger is just that…a tiger. An independent dominatrix living and working in our area, the lady has mastered her particular skills for the last six years, having begun in the southern climes of Charlotte, North Carolina.  A stunning Asian lady with a whole lot of experience and more than a slightly cruel side, I was as much minding my P’s and Q’s sitting across from Mistress Jade as I was intrigued by the tales of a job that very few of us could imagine. But bringing you the hands-on skinny as I always do, I figured a few moments with Mistress Jade Tiger would make for an interesting read.

My first question is the old “How does a nice girl like you end up in a profession like this?” 

Well I had been exotic dancing in Charlotte and I met some people who did fetish shows there. I started to do the shows with them…actually, I began as a submissive in those shows, but my personality was too dom. So it was suggested I try the dom role and I loved it. From there I sought out training with some friends I knew in the business, started going to workshops, conventions.

Was there anything that you learned specifically that really opened your eyes?

I pretty much knew from the shows what it was all about. I guess if there was one thing I came to learn was how domination and submission is all mostly mental.

Was the dominatrix business down in Charlotte lucrative?

Well, I was the only Asian dom so I had no competition there, that helped. Though there is not the scene down there like there is in NYC there was enough of an underground, enough people who wanted to do it, that I did make a good living. But I knew people up here and I had been in Charlotte 10 years and wanted a change of scenery.

And being here now, how is business?

To tell you the truth, it is the worst it has ever been! But it’s the economy really, that has a lot to do with it. Though I don’t know if it is coincidence or what-have-you but lately I have had more than my share of wankers, flakes, people setting up an appointment then not showing.

Is that the bane of your business, really…no shows?


Now you have worked up here in a dungeon but currently you are an independent dom and have been for quite some time. I assume you prefer being independent?

Well no one is going to care about you more than yourself and I found the dungeon being about money mostly. They’d send in drunks to me, people on drugs. Dungeons remind me more of cattle calls really, a guy comes and you have to get dressed, let him look you up and down. I don’t like that.

And you’ve never experienced any of the typical problems one would think you’d encounter? Guys showing up who out and out scare you or wanting something totally different once the scene starts?

Working as an independent, I screen people pretty good, I can usually tell by the way they talk to me on the phone where they are at. I let them know before they come see me what I allow and don’t and really I have never had that experience of a client coming to me and doing something crazy, asking for things they know I don’t do.

And what, if anything, is your specialty?

I’d say corporal is what I am most known for, whipping, ball-busting too.

By corporal you mean hand spanking…

…with percussion instruments, caning, all of it. I like to do beat-downs too and I want to get more into the MMA stuff, my background in Taekwondo lends itself to that.

Would you say domination is both your professional life and your life style, does what you do filter into your sex life as well?

I currently have three slaves and with them it’s a lifestyle, but no sex, just about control and power. With someone I am dating, the sex could get kinky but it’s not something I need to have all the time. Generally I don’t do so good with a boyfriend who is sub as I need a man equal with me.

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THE SEX FILES: Talking With Mistress Jade Tiger