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Published On: Mon, Apr 2nd, 2012

White Rabbits: Milk Famous

The White Rabbits
Milk Famous
(TBD Records)

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Simple, understated indie rock melodies and falsetto lyrics make White Rabbits’ Milk Famous a strong album for open ears.

“Back for More” sounds a bit like The Mars Volta and another part Nada Surf. The track feels grand and still relatable. The track is one part piano, another part Latin fusion and another part continued drumline. The cymbal continually crashes through the track and refuses to stop. “Are You Free” follows a similar formula, but fits more into the traditional indie rock formula of quiet music plus sweet vocals equaling a killer track. You’ve heard this track before, you just don’t know where – at least, that’s what it sounds like. While the song is enjoyable – much like the rest of the album – it all sounds so similar and isn’t that unique. “Temporary” is easily one of the strongest songs on the album, featuring a little bit of synth work and a few “ohh” lyrics. The chorus (“temporary is temporary”) comes into the track in unique ways and really stands out against the melodies of the song. It stands out from the rest of the tracks and is likely to be the only song you’ll know by name from this release.

While the album might not be the most unique album you’ve ever heard, that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable!

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White Rabbits: Milk Famous