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Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2012

We Chat with Danish producer, DJ, remixer and all around music impressario Kasper Bjørke

Kasper Bjørke from his recent performance at Le Bain, 3/16/12

Recently, I had a very interesting chat with Danish producer, DJ, remixer and all around music impressario Kasper Bjørke. Currently, Kasper Bjørke is one of the most renowned and versatile contributors to the international electronic music scene and his third studio album, Fool, was released on April 1st.

How do you go about selecting artwork to go with your music?

I pick designers who are used to working with musicians and who have an understanding of what I do.
For example, Trevor Jackson, who did the artwork for Fool, is also a musician and DJ, and I have always admired both his music and his visual designs.

What is the meaning of the artwork on your new record? Why did you select it?

I gave Trevor 100% creative freedom because I know what he can do… for example, his amazing artwork for Soulwax.

As for why he did what he did on Fool, Trevor said, “My definition (of Fool) was reflected in a playful design approach – visually witty and non-conformist.” The title is a self ironic statement, so to speak… like looking in the mirror in a way. It’s also a friendly wink to the whole current multi-platform social media lifestyle we are all a part of, including myself – even though I try my best to live as free from it as possible.”

What does this new album represent for you?

I had a rough time, being generally overworked and partying too much for too many years. I’m 36 and very happy now. I have a girlfriend – and a cat, haha – so, in a way, I guess I have grown up while making this album… even though I’m still very childish in many ways… and foolish, which I think is important.

Since you are known for your keen ability to discover new talent, what are some great places to discover new music?

Yeah – I discovered Oh Land via Myspace back in 2006/07… and the Internet is still the place to go – but now I use mostly Soundcloud and different blogs. I also get sent a lot of promo stuff, so that’s also a way to find new things…

Is it true that you are planning to play less in years to come? What is most important to you when it comes to playing music and dividing your time?

Nowadays, I try to spend at least 1 weekend at home each month – if possible more. My home is very important to me; plus, that gives me more energy to be creative in the studio. I still love to play as a DJ, but I try to stick to my favourite clubs and cities around the world.

How much playing is good for the creative process?

It’s very important to play as a DJ to test out your new music and get inspired by the whole scene, other DJs, etc. But it’s my experience that when you play too much, you lose too much valuable time that you could spend in the studio.

Are you planning to play at Iceland Airwaves this year? Are you also doing a residency in Iceland? For how long? Why did you decide to do that?

I’ve been coming to Iceland for many years now. I think I played at Airwaves five times in a row. I have gotten to know a lot of Icelanders, whom I now consider good friends. I hope I will go again this year – time will tell. Iceland is one of my favourite places in the whole world.

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We Chat with Danish producer, DJ, remixer and all around music impressario Kasper Bjørke