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Published On: Thu, Apr 12th, 2012

Silver Swans: Forever

Silver Swans
(Twentyseven Records)

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This San Francisco duo truly gives justice to the name “Silver Swans,” a comic book super villain from the Wonder Woman series. These breathtaking creatures controlled the air waves using their beautiful voices to create sound waves capable of devouring and creating a shield of safety. Like this electro dream-pop project the Silver Swans create this force field of sound that drowns you in the loveliness that is them.

Their latest full-length album, Forever, is filled with dream-like songs, like “Secrets,” that echo in your mind like memories you will forever keep. This duo creates a symphony of sounds through the force fields of the music layers they lay down that is truly lovely and unique. It’s heartfelt and dreamy, yet deep and holds memories we have all lived though and seen. Silver Swans latest composition of songs are like a musical refection of a lucid dream or maybe the soundtrack to the breathtaking cinematic movies that play as we sleep.

Regardless of the labels or categories of music that they get placed into or the type of music you chose to relate to, the SIlver Swans are a group that you truly need to give a listen to. They are a refreshing Dreamsicle on a hot summer day and indielicious in just about every way!!

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Silver Swans: Forever