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Published On: Wed, Apr 18th, 2012

Allo Darlin’: Europe

Allo Darlin’
(Slumberland Records)

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Ukulele isn’t just popular for YouTube cover videos. Britain-based twee rockers Allo Darlin’ are beguilingly sweet, from their jangly pop tones to Elizabeth Morris’ delicate vocals. Mix together Belle & Sebastian, The Corrs, Eisley, and Tegan and Sara to get a feeling for the mellow, blissed-out tones that make up Allo Darlin’s sophomore effort, Europe.

“Capricornia” features angular guitars and slightly darker lyrics that evoke The Smiths, while “Northern Lights” evokes optimism through bright imagery like the title suggests. “Wonderland” is steeped in intriguing animal metaphors, like lions and polar bears, and the lyrics of “The Letter” have been transcribed straight from a heart displayed proudly on one’s sleeve.

Allo Darlin’ offer the sort of bubblegum indie that’s smooth rather than overly saccharine. The music is fun to listen to, even as the lyrical content gets deeper, and so Europe is a wonderfully therapeutic album for distraction or entertainment.

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Allo Darlin’: Europe