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Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2012

Phenomenal Handclap Band: Form & Control

Phenomenal Handclap Band
Form & Control
(Tummy Touch Records)

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It is hard not to resort to magnetic refrigerator poetry when trying to creatively come up with a witty way to describe Form & Control, the new album from Phenomenal Handclap Band although “quirky disco rock” seems to vaguely suffice. The sonic tapestry is quite disorienting and fascinating at the same time. It features blues, moody guitars, fireworks of wild yet succinctly tight synthesizers, layered and liquefied vocals over a more conservative run of bass and drums and has a timestamp on it definitely set to the 70′s. New York DJs Sean Marquand and Daniel Collás formed the band that meshes the rhythmic energy of pop music with a sound of yesteryear funk-lite rock. “Afterglow” is a stronger ode to the Beach Boys’ sun-kissed sounds while “The Attempt” could be a chart-topping single right off a popular 70′s countdown radio show. With the car window down it is a song that could be a soundtrack suitable for any daytrip with good gas mileage. The guitar’s fuzz effect and the harmonious runs of oh la la’s are sung in an attempt to soothe a contemplatively broken heart. The eight-member band works hard to seductively marry and yet mar the sounds of yesteryear rock by breathing into the lungs a fresher mix of now with then.

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Phenomenal Handclap Band: Form & Control