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Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2012

Canvas CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats

One of this city’s greatest enigmas is the ability of some (present company not included) to trot through their days in skyscraper-high heels without pain (or any sprained ankles for that matter). For the majority of us who don’t actually know how to treat the street as a catwalk, achey toes, strains and sprains come as par for the very-hard-concrete course.

Enter CitySlips. CitySlips founders Katie Shea and Susie Levitt met at NYU, where they shared a vision and pursued a business venture, whilst also earning their degrees. Shea and Levitt strive to make fashion functional, and include in their signature collection Canvas CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats.

These flats are light to carry and may easily be stored for immediate access. And it’s not just the ‘slips that follow fashion, as they come in a bag of matching canvas fabric that can double as a clutch.

Though they are far closer to the ground and offer significant comfort for the toes, the placement of padding on the sole is a bit awkward. That said, these slips are certainly in line with the popular flats out in the current springtime market. They’re also sure to get you home much faster than your stilettos, so if you do don a pair, it will be that much faster until you can indulge yourself in real comfort: your actual slippers.

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Canvas CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats