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Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

Brooklyn Industries Looks Ahead to Summer

Brooklyn Industries is known for making fun and sexy designer clothing right in the heart of Brooklyn and have made my wardrobe alot more fun to select from. This summer they will offer a variety of items we think you should not do without. Start with the blue Devon Pleated top, which is very comfortable; whether I was going out to dinner or just lounging around, this top was loose and fun. The pleats on the top made it more flirty. Because of the silhouette and style, skinny jeans would be most appropriate to pair it with. Another option would be pairing it with a fitted skirt, with the top tucked in of course. It seems similar to something Lauren Conrad would wear on the popular MTV show, The Hills.

The Wonderlust Tote is another fabulous item from Brooklyn Industries. Over the course of a week I carried clothing, chargers, and my laptop in the bag and there was not a wear or tear seen anywhere once I was done using it. It’s stylish but most important, an accessory about utility. With a front pocket, I was able to get my most important items such as my keys and Metrocard fast without digging through my other belongings. The other compartments in the bag were placed in the inside; one with a zipper, another open, and a buttoned small pocket for more discreet possessions.

The Mia Printed Tunic is perfect for the warm weather. With such a light, airy fabric it is very comfortable to wear when hot out. The color and print is also perfect for spring! This was the most comfortable item out of the 4. I paired it with black skinny jeans and let it flow without the fabric belt. However, during one part of the day I tied the belt around my hips and let the blouse fall over (just to spice it up a bit!) Another option of wearing this cute top, is to tie the belt right around your waist to accentuate an hourglass figure.

The last item that I reviewed was the Shayla Romper. I decided not to wear it for the entire day because it was rather short. The print and texture of the romper is very cute and comfortable. Because of it’s darker tone, it’s a transition piece appropriate to wear day and night. The top of the romper however was very loose on me, while the bottom was a bit tight. I do not recommend this piece for women with a pear figure.

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Brooklyn Industries Looks Ahead to Summer