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Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2012

Slash: Apocalyptic Love

Apocalyptic Love

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There is a wacky “wha wha” to the title track opener of Slash’s new album, Apocalyptic Love, (and actually, the full artist title here is “Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.”). “Standing In The Sun” is where things open-up, the verse is the best G&R-like chunk with a sing-able chorus, a bump-and-grind middle, and perfect sleazy lead you expect from Slash; this is a truly great commercial rock tune. I like the picking trills to “You’re A Lie,” another song with a solid chorus, this time featuring Myles’ great controlled scream-singing and a single simple lead that works perfectly. I think Slash is most effective as a lead guitarist when he is not trying to out-speed himself.

“We Will Roam” simply levitates with its full production and Kennedy again in full force, as does “Not For Me” with it’s almost Alice Cooper-like pre-lead descent and bassist Todd Kerns’ slides at the end. Yes there’s a nice acoustic guitar then roiling Slash pull-offs on “Anastasia,” but the chorus here saves the tune from being too much a G&R sound-alike and Brent Fitz’s drummer is inspired. The last tune on the non-deluxe album, “Shots Fired,” is once again that chunky guitar trolling beat and Myles biting his scream, but it has a fantastic chorus.

The Deluxe edition of this album has two extra tunes, “Carolina,” which I love simply for Slash’s use of talk box and its strut and “Crazy Life” kicks with its infectious main riff.

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Slash: Apocalyptic Love