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Published On: Thu, May 31st, 2012


Far be it from me to intrude on anyone’s kink or sexual choices as I am of that school of action and thought that if what you are doing doesn’t infringe upon anyone else’s rights and if you act within the letter of the law, have at it. Still, see the offbeat newsworthy items below. I didn’t comment because there is nothing I could add, really. Some are wacky, some obvious and some I am just not so sure about and I just say “huh” over.

1.) The Idaho State Liquor Division found the name Five Wives Vodka offensive , banning the new liquor from the state. “We feel Five Wives Vodka concept is offensive to a prominent segment of our population and will not be carried,” Howard Wasserstein, deputy director of the Liquor Division, explained in a letter.

Steve Conlin, partner and vice president of marketing at Ogden’s Own Distillery, producer of Five Wives Vodka, fired back with: “We can only presume he means Mormons.”

This ban comes just one month after the state of Alabama banned Dirty Bastard Beer.

2.) The Candle Association reports that 90% of candles are purchased by women, so Yankee Candle Company has released candles for men, with scents such as “Riding Mower,” “First Down,” “2

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