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Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2012

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hydra Moist Weekend Kit

I recently had to go away for the weekend at a moment’s notice and a Canadian came to my rescue. I had just received the Elizabeth Grant Hydra Moist Weekend Kit ($59) and I didn’t have a lot of time to pack, so having a handy all-in-one beauty regimen was spot-on. I’ve been dabbling in and reporting on the Canadian skincare line for a while now and I’m never disappointed. The line reminds me of Estee Lauder with a solid focus on anti-aging with its patented Torricelum formulation. The Weekend Kit comes with a fashionable zebra print tote to carry the six travel-sized products: All Day Cream, Concentrated Serum, Eye Radiance, Hydrating Cleanser, Body Cream and Body Scrub. The primary ingredient for this product range is Vitamin C, which helps tremendously with collagen production and skin repair. All the products contain high, concentrated doses of Vitamin C without fragrance or irritation. Since I was rushed out the door to catch a flight, the Weekender Kit saved my looks the next morning, and through the weekend, by keeping my skin hydrated, smoother and radiant. Elizabeth Grant may focus on anti-aging products and my skin is far from mature, but as the adage says “an ounce of prevention…” and vitamin C doesn’t have to come in a pill. The Weekender Kit is also a terrific way to get introduced to Elizabeth Grant skincare with a nominal investment for a sampling of the wide range of products.

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Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hydra Moist Weekend Kit