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Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2012

Neon Trees: Picture Show

Neon Trees
Picture Show
(Mercury Records)

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Neon Trees placed a stamp on the scene with their popular track, “Animal.” Picture Show, the latest release by the band, isn’t quite the same album as Habits, but you’ll still enjoy it.

“Take Me For A Ride” is driven by the powerful vocals of lead singer Tyler Glenn. A lot of what this band gets away with is due to the powerful vocals of this band. Lyrics like, “I’m a little bit lonely/I’m a little bit scared tonight” aren’t exactly unique, but they fit the overall song and sentiment of the band. “I Am The D.J.” is a bit more of the type of fun that listeners might expect to find from Neon Trees. The beat from the drums carries you straight into the chorus and the chorus rings out loud. Putting aside the fact that the song seems to follow the exact same formula as “Animal,” the track is sure to please listeners who loved Habits. “Close to You” is a bit more unique. Start with a drum beat, build some lines on top of it, and chime in the quiet English-rocker vocals. The track even features a few “woo-hoo’s” for good measure.

If you like Neon Trees, you’ll like this album. In fact, you might think you already own this album. Much of it follows the same formula as Habits, so be sure to take a listen before picking it up.

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Neon Trees: Picture Show