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Published On: Thu, Jul 5th, 2012


The 4th always gets me thinking about freedom (ok, it actually makes me think about burgers and that homemade noodle salad my aunt used to make with the tuna-fish in it, not that one with the raw egg which I never liked) and I thought: why not hip you to a few places working for your freedoms-sexual ones specifically and other freedom/sex news.

So check out: or the UK’s: for what’s being done by people who fight the good fight for us all. If you happen to be a hetero guy or gal with nary a kink, you probably don’t think so much about your personal sexual habits, but there are plenty of people you might share a work cubicle with or see every Sunday at church who might feel and actually be persecuted or closeted because of their sexual desires or choices.

And speaking of the UK, sex and freedom, did you see this little tidbit in the ongoing British fight against ‘pornographic’ content on the net? Announcing just this week that they are starting a 10-week consultation (run to the hills whenever you hear that some government agency is considering, surveying or consulting) on how to protect kids from harmful online content, England’s Department for Education invited the general public to sound-off on their recent idea of filters for blocking ISP porn. But the DFE’s consulting was taken offline just after one day because it was leaking personal info.

“No URL manipulation was required,” one participant noted in The Register news service. “Once I had completed the survey I simply clicked on the link to view my responses, and I was presented with another user’s responses instead. I have reported this breach to the ICO-Information Commissioner’s Office.”

Another case of any government agency anywhere trying to run anything…

And lastly, the 3rd annual Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this year-9/21-23rd-is themed “Prohibition Politics: The Assault on Sexual Freedom.” And while this weekend certainly will welcome its share of serious moments, there are fun events planned, like Friday night’s “Popcorn and Porn,” hosted by Buck Angel and Nina Hartley, showing both good and bad porn films, and Saturday evening’s party, “Liberty, Libations and Libido” featuring DJ Friar Tuck. Speakers for the weekend also include Diana Adams, Dan Massey, Anita Wagner and many many more.

Go here for more info and remember to celebrate your freedoms. They’ll certainly be taken away from you if you don’t keep an eye out.

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