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Published On: Wed, Jul 11th, 2012

Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living by Sherri Dobay

Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living
By Sherri Dobay
(Flying Archer Press)

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In the introduction of the latest creation from writer and wine aficionado, Sherri Dobay, she states, “All around, there are fabulous things ready to indulge in if you simply stop, open your eyes and yourself to touch, taste, feel- celebrate- something each day…The world is on the fast track to efficiency thanks to technology and the resulting ability to work 24/7. It’s no surprise that it drains us and leaves us empty, unfulfilled and lost as we lose the ability to pause an enjoy life on a daily basis.”

With thorough directions provided, Dobay offers us countless recipes to her favorite dishes, along with her favorite wines to pair with them. Such recipes include: Lobster and Eggs Benedict, Mushroom and Love Risotto, Venison Steaks on the Fire with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Almond Biscotti, Russian Cakes, Caramelized Onion and Trumpet Mushroom Pizza, Lamb Hash, Rabbit Paparadelle, Spaghetti Straps and Iced Mat Tea, and more.

In between her avid notes on food and drink, she provides “Inspiration,” which includes the simple joys of activities like berry-picking, horseback riding, watching shooting stars, painting, learning a new language, bike riding, hearing music and even taking a bath. She provides tidbits of advice for readers who are looking to lead happier lives, such as listening to nature with the power out or turning off the TV in order to thrive more creatively.

I admire Dobay for all her life’s pursuits, and can tell she’s a sensitive, creative soul (especially after reading her feelings for Van Gogh). Overall, this is an inspiring book which hopefully will touch readers enough for them to stop, listen and enjoy the world right outside their windows.

“This is exactly what I believe wine is. Bottles of art. Bottles of life. Bottles to inspire life.”

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Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living by Sherri Dobay