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Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2012

bareMinerals is the mineral makeup revolution

As evidenced by repeated recognition in the beauty industry and an exceedingly loyal useerbase, bareMinerals has taken the beauty industry by storm and serves as the greatest force in the mineral makeup revolution.

BareMinerals employs a layer-by-layer approach to creating the effortless look for which it is so renowned. First layer is the Prime Time Foundation Primer ($23) and Eyelid Primer ($18) which evens the skin’s surface for smooth application and ensures that the entire look is longer lasting.

The second layer includes bareMinerals’ makeup-staple-foundation, which, as stated in promotional materials, “looks like a powder, feels like a cream.” The phrasing is accurate, and application results in an airbrushed, flawless finish. Users need only employ bareMinerals’ steadfast, three-step mantra: “swirl, tap, buff,” to wind up with a perfect finish.

Layer three is the Mineral Veil ($20), a “finishing powder” that results in a matted finish by “diffus[ing] imperfections.” Having worn the veil for over a year, I can attest to having experienced miraculous effects.

In consideration of the start of summer, it is notable that the foundation and the accompanying Mineral Veil are both SPF15. Travelers should also note the travel-friendly twist component to its containers.

Several new additions are now being introduced to this classic line, whereby bareMinerals asks it’s loyal fanbase: Are you READY?

Ready Bronzer ($24) has been developed with a unique, non-pressing process that allows the product to retain sea minerals that enhance skin health. READY Bronzer offers a sun-kissed glow while also offering the benefits of firmer-looking skin. Keep in mind that much like the sun itself, a little goes a long way!

Ready Blush ($22) is available in ten different shades to accommodate a host of skintones, all in need of a unique “flush.” Swimmers worry not – the formula is waterproof and, like the bronzer, also utilizes sea-mineral-retaining technology to avoid the drawbacks of traditional pressed makeup.

Finally, Moxie Lipgloss ($18) is another notable addition to the bareMinerals line of long-lasting and high-quality products. Moxie Lipgloss is comprised of moisturizing, natural plant ingredients combined to result in shiny, fuller-looking smackers. Moxie Lipgloss is available in ten different shades, all of which offer a hint of glossy color. Application is a bit sticky, but this is par for the course for any long-lasting lip color.

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bareMinerals is the mineral makeup revolution