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Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2012

Willie Nelson: Heroes

Willie Nelson
(Sony Music Entertainment)

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Willie Nelson’s latest, Heroes, is a hodgepodge of revisits, new tunes and collaborations.

Opening with Merle Haggard and Nelson’s son Lukas joining in on a new read of “A Horse Called Music” (the title track of Nelson’s 1989 album), you quickly realize that things won’t get much better than this Wayne Carter classic on this album or any other you’ll likely hear this year!

“Roll Me Up” is one of the new Willie tunes here—a silly honky tonk tribute to the red headed stranger’s favorite past time, featuring none other than Snoop Dog, with Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson.

“No Place to Fly” is a sweet duet between Willie and his son Lukas, who sometimes sounds even more like Willie then Willie does. The piano playing here is perfect too. How could you not love a song with the title “Every Time He Drinks He Thinks of Her?” again with son Lukas (who wrote the tune).

For me, it’s the sweet, sad ones that make Heroes special and “The Sound of Your Memory” is one of those with a nice swirly organ. The only problem with this one is that Lukas is on-board again and I feel this song would have benefited from only one singer, though it is a pretty duet of father and son voices.

Covers of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” (a rather ok version), but a truly inspired Coldplay’s “The Scientist” round-out the more contemporary stuff while another Willie original, the gospel-y “Come On Back Jesus,” might be the best tune here.

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Willie Nelson: Heroes