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Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2012

Liars: WIXIW

(Mute Artists Ltd.)

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Liars is one of those bands that creates albums difficult to classify into a given genre or set of genres. One part experimental rock, another part post-punk, another part indie and another part Radiohead-esque, Liars is so unique that you just have to listen to get an idea. WIXIW is a great place to start listening to this clever band.

“His and Mine Sensations” sounds a bit like a Radiohead B-side. With tracks like this, it’s no wonder that the rock god himself Thom Yorke has lauded the band in the past. The album’s title track is a mess of cacophony. It’s a bit of a car crash, but you won’t be able to pull yourself away as your ears get musically assaulted. The track is loud, noisy and still incredible. It’s the type of song that, when you hear it, you wonder about the experience of hearing it live and in-person. “A Ring On Every Finger” is a bit more of a dance track. You can feel the beat and you’ll start moving to it slowly. A bit monotonous, the track features almost chant-like vocals and a strong beat you’ll feel in the pit of your stomach. At times, this album can invoke a physical sense of discomfort – and that’s a good thing. The album is so powerful and strong that you will physically feel sensations because of it. “Brats” is perhaps the softest track on the album featuring synthesized lines and a true drum and bass kind of beat.

This album is one that you have to experience with your ears and your body before putting it aside. You will definitely feel this album as it’s one of the best releases thus far in 2012.

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Liars: WIXIW