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Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2012

Soulsavers: The Light the Dead See

The Light the Dead See
(Mute Records)

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With their remixing and producing, Soulsavers straddle the fence between electronica and rock. Their music is atmospheric and draws from a number of influences, refusing to be locked into one specific style. Adding to this flexibility is the duo’s frequent collaborations with guest vocalists.

The Light the Dead See follows in that tradition by employing Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode fame as the record’s vocalist and lyricist. Gahan is a talented writer no doubt, but fans of his band’s more famous output might be disappointed to find none of that act’s edge or enemy. Instead, The Light the Dead See is a subdued effort, more concerned with melody and strings. It is an LP filled with unexpected beauty and light.

From the baleful introduction, “La Ribera,” which sounds like an Ennio Morricone selection, it becomes clear that this will not be your average electro record. Instead, acoustic guitar is really the driving force of the album, along with Gahan’s capable vocals.

As the band’s name would indicate, much of the material is soul-tinged, such as “Take Me Back Home.” “I Can’t Stay” is easily the album’s highlight for me, with its sprawling composition and beautiful backing vocals. The Light the Dead See is haunting and captivating, and hopefully it will draw fans who are more familiar with Gahan’s work than Soulsavers’.

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Soulsavers: The Light the Dead See