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Published On: Wed, Aug 1st, 2012

The Young: Dub Egg

The Young
Dub Egg
(Matador Records)

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Austin-based indie rockers The Young return with their second studio album, Dub Egg, a collection of spacey electronics with heightened riffs. Voyagers of Legend (2007) marked the debut of a post-punk edgier era, yet Dub Egg is a rebirth of their obscure presence. This album is a never-ending fuzzy adventure through different states.

Hans Zimmerman, the lead singer, delivers rootsy and country melodies throughout the entire album. “Livin’ Free” is a slow-paced track, but speeds up with hazy guitar  variations.  Slow the pace down with “Only Way Out,” a mere transition to a country vibe, with a bit of anticipation for a hoedown to happen.  “Dance With the Ramblers” pairs classic 70’s rock in a modern folk time period, resembling a Neil Young persona. “Plunging Rollers” diverges between a surreal and dreamlike state of mind.

The entire album jumps from one genre to another and fails to define their signature sound.   The cover depicts an empty highway and indicates the overall message of the album. The Young will continue to figure out which colors to blend next on their album.  Recommended for fans of Sonic Youth, Bipolar Bear and Blessure Grave.

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The Young: Dub Egg