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Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2012

Barcelona: Not Quite Yours

Not Quite Yours
(NBD Recordings)

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Not Quite Yours sounds like one part Sleeping at Last and another part Right Away Great Captain. The tracks are lyrically-based (partially just a man and his piano) and nothing too special. However, they’re still more than enjoyable and a great listen.

“Less Than Two” feels like a Coldplay track. You could hear this one on One Tree Hill or the Dawson’s Creek replays on Netflix. This song is made for TV. “Change” is at least a little diversified. A little bit of drums bring the vocals up, but they still lull on a little bit too much for most music fans. Lyrics like, “I’ll be with you one day/Change is coming on faster than I thought it would,” are the type to stick with fans, but not enough to keep listening. “Midnight” is easily the best track on the album. There’s a bit of a Broadway stage feeling to the track mixed with American Idol. However, unlike other tracks on the album, you can feel the emotion behind it. You can feel the heart. That factor alone makes the listener connect in ways other album tracks don’t provide.

Overall, don’t expect this release to win Album of the Year, but do expect to hear the tracks on your favorite soap-sitcom.

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Barcelona: Not Quite Yours