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Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2012

Lumene Finland

Due to the harsh winters and intense sunlight, Scandinavia is an ideal place for developing skincare products. There is a small wave of Nordic skincare lines finding their way stateside. Lumen Finland has a new vitamin C products range derived from the vitamin rich Arctic cloudberry. Lumene Pure Radiance 24H Lotion ($18, 1.7 oz.) is a lightweight moisturizer with a hint of refreshing citrus aroma. Applied daily to a clean face, the matte finish of the 24H Lotion noticeably reduces the appearance of pores and restores skin to a balanced glow. Lumene also has an exceptional night cream with potent repair qualities. The Pure Radiance Night Cream ($20, 1.7 oz.) has the same citrus consistency of the lotion, but this particular product goes to work at night. The vitamin c rich cream leaves your skin radiant and brighter than before you went to bed. It’s like waking up with new skin. Lumene Finland is an inexpensive line that delivers cosmetic procedure results. The products are made with 90% natural ingredients and are paraben free. The climate may be getting harsher, but your skin and your wallet don’t have to pay the price with Lumene Finland.

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Lumene Finland