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Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012

Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Gel & Night Cream Eye Duo

Eye creams are the cash cows of the cosmetic industry. This is mostly because the eyes are the first part of the face to show signs of aging. The skin around the eye is more delicate and prone to allergies and other sensitivities. Still, the bottom line is that it is still just skin. The keys to a good eye cream are helpful ingredients and an affordable price. Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Gel and Night Cream Duo ($44, 1 oz.) is a double pack eye treatment that genuinely works. For approximately $44 (depending on where you buy it), you get two products, or three if you use the additional eye mask option. Coconut water is purported as the elixir of youth due to its tremendous healing and soothing properties along with being vitamin and protein rich.

The eye gel is used in the mornings with the consistency of a thick serum. It is quickly absorbed without the appearance of product under your eye. The gel instantly firms and cools the skin. You can actually feel it working and when you look in a mirror five minutes later, the difference is visible. The eye cream, applied at night, is a lightweight under eye moisturizer. Overnight, it goes into repair mode softening and hydrating the skin. The gel and cream can also be combined as a refreshing eye mask. First, you apply the gel, then layer the cream over it. You leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off to reveal a hydrated, more youthful looking eye area.

The results of the Joey New York Eye Duo are just as the packaging states: quick. I was unable to find any information on the brand as their website is under construction. Nevertheless, if you can find a retailer for this magnificent product, I suggest you buy as many as possible!

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Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Gel & Night Cream Eye Duo