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Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012

THE SEX FILES: The Adam & Eve Report on Sex

If you don’t know, Adam and Eve, “Americas’s most trusted source for adult products” has been in business over 4 decades, claims over 7.4 million satisfied customers and are an online site unparalleled in the adult toy arena. Selling everything from vibrators to DVD’s to penis enhancers to lubes, lotions and sex furniture, with their money-back guarantee you really won’t find a place better place online for your naughty needs.

But for the sake of this weekly missive I am most interested in A&E’s recently published “Scandalous Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys” appearing here on the company’s website.

Here are some interesting facts I didn’t know, nor dare dream.

People spend over $15 billion dollars a year on sex toys, meaning our economy might be in the toilet, but we’re still finding the bucks to go out and get a vibe or two or stock-up on lube.

Married women are more than twice as likely to use a vibrator…2x more likely then unmarried? Mix this fact in with the many upon many complaints from married women that their hubbies are not attending to them sufficiently in bed (maybe the reason for all these vibrators bought?) while attending to himself watching hours and hours of porn in his man-cave, I wonder how sexually healthy our marriages are?

It seems states like Idaho and South Dakota top the list for Top Ten Sex Toy States as A&E calculated sex toys per capita. As the survey quips and I agree ‘low population states for the win! It must get awfully lonely there…”

And while yes, vibrators top the list of the most popular sex toys bought today (and the Rabbit particularly) did you know the first ones, built for use in a French asylum to treat “female hysteria” were hand-cranked and/or also steam powered? Right behind it in purchase popularity are rubber penises and not so very far behind (pardon the pun) anal beads.

Due to the recent popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey, Adam and Eve report that the latest sex toy craze are toys related to BDSM games. For instance, sales for Ben Wa Balls have risen 350 percent (though how can you have more than 100% of something?) with overall bondage sex toy purchases increasing by 50%. I just hope novices are being careful and indeed invoking Mr. Grey’s often talked about ‘safe word.’

And lastly, the most expensive toy is a vibrator covered in 117 diamonds, selling for $55,000…talk about treating yourself like a king or queen, huh?

This Adam & Eve report gives me faith that we are all pretty much still horny buggers trying our best to still bring a little spice into our solo activities or turn-our lovers on. It’s important to have a sense of perspective and a good sense of what to spend your money on.

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THE SEX FILES: The Adam & Eve Report on Sex