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Published On: Sun, Sep 2nd, 2012

Like Pioneers: Oh, Magic

Like Pioneers
Oh, Magic
(Abandoned Love Records)

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Chicago-based indie electronic pop rockers Like Pioneers released their first album, Piecemeal, in 2010 and now they are back with Oh, Magic, featuring a new lead vocalist, Janie Porche. Sadly, many of the songs sound similar, which hinders their ability to push through the emerging artist envelope.

The album has a dreamy instrumental appeal that has an eclectic aura of sounds. A wide array of guitar hooks, keyboards, and quite often each song can be used as background music. Get ready for takeoff, “Champion” starts off slow and picks up momentum, “Why don’t you please please move closer?” An overwhelming amount of electronic sounds and the vocalist’s high-pitched voice is cringe worthy.

“Requiem For Some Band” has more potential than the rest of the songs. Singing, “Is a lie still a lie if no one hears it?/Ghosts that come to me through the stereo/And there’s nothing quite like it, the sound of leaving.” Please stop, lower the guitar chords, and focus on the music.

A notable song, “On The Morning Of His Farewell” gives off a positive message: “You should feel free to be anything that you like,” but it’s wrapped up in too many instrumental noises.

Like Pioneers needs to find their “signature” sound and stick to their roots. Find a niche and start rerecording quality music. Tokyo Police Club and Real Estate fans will enjoy.

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Like Pioneers: Oh, Magic