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Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2012

DJ Rob Swift: Roc For Raida

DJ Rob Swift
Roc For Raida

While spinning records may be the profession of many, DJ Rob Swift’s Roc For Raida is an action-packed adventure compared to any ordinary disc jockey mixtape.

“Back to Back,” featuring Saigon and Scram Jones, is not only a good track to vibe on but most definitely a classic you should listen to twice. Certainly a lifetime friend and fellow executioner would make a wonderful tribute album like this. If you like cutting records, this has to be in your special record crate.

The track “Funky Piano” is perfect for a backyard boogie. It’s a summer jam you can really cool out with.

Manipulating the needle and battling a beat is Swift’s war tactic, the records are firing one after another like the chambers of a gun. Then DJs battle each other stand-off style, their excitement for the DMC competition is as unforgettable as the memory of Roc For Radia itself and he is the 1995 world DMC championship winner I might add.

That old school New York feel is superbly composed here between fader and scratch technician making every turn sound fluid and fresh.

“Parting Words” and “Raida Speaks” really touched me as it shows Rob’s compassion toward his friend and fellow musician. These interview clips will be remembered like a time capsule for the history of hip-hop. There are a lot of past emcees in a couple of songs, which was a nice present. Rob’s touch of offering long overdue shout-outs to Raida and making you feel like he is right there with you seemed just right. RIP Roc Radia forever.

You can purchase the album here.

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DJ Rob Swift: Roc For Raida